Backend Developer



The second-fastest growing company in South Carolina is looking for a capable backend developer to further enhance an existing supportive and high-performing software development team. We believe in fostering a collaborative work environment where team members can feel safe discussing the pros and cons of possible solutions to an array of interesting projects.

Our company provides diagnostic and repair technologies for a variety of industries from heavy-duty trucks to marine vehicles to construction and agricultural equipment. Our software development team creates polished applications for our customers while also working on a variety of internal tools to streamline our in-house processes.

Job Responsibilities

We need you to help us with our backend development efforts, especially with regard to developing vehicle diagnostic software and internal tools. You’ll be responsible for working with our UI/UX, architecture, and frontend experts to create software that functions smoothly and effectively. You’ll need to:


  • Decode vehicle data traffic.
  • Maintain and improve application databases.
  • Write code to retrieve and process data before handing it off to the frontend.
  • Write software solutions to enhance our in-house teams’ efficiency.
  • Contribute to the success of projects to the fullest extent of your abilities.



  • Skilled in the design of algorithms
  • Proficient in Object Oriented programming via C# or similar languages
  • Knowledge of relational databases (especially T-SQL)

Bonus Points

+++ Coding samples: show us a brief example or two of what your code looks like at its best!

++ A non-technical writing sample: maybe a few paragraphs describing a recent project?

++ Vehicle diagnostic and/or repair knowledge of any kind

++ Other backend or database development experience

+ Development experience with web applications

+ Other programming/development experience

Benefits of Working Here

  • Enjoy your job: work with great, friendly people who want you to succeed.
  • Interesting and fulfilling work: new ideas, new challenges, and new opportunities to grow.
  • 40-hour per week schedule.
  • Excellent pay.
  • Great benefits: holidays, PTO, health, dental, and vision.